Making It into the home stretch!

Tea fuelled Sunday Morning making session with the lovely Samantha. Snowflake necklaces!  

Dear Blob,

I can barely type because I am so excited that Make It starts tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow. Today is set up day and I can't wait to see if my mad plans and schemes for my display will work out.

I have been filled with such gratitude lately for the support of the wonderful people around me. They've cheered me on, listened to my freak outs, inspired me, lent me supplies, helped me make things and just been all around awesome! I am getting all misty eyed thinking about it. 

I can't wait to share all of my Glusky loveliness this weekend and I will see you at booth 221 at the PNE Forum from Thursday 28 - December 1. It is going to be so much fun! 

<3 Tara

Another birds eye view of me at my desk

More prep! Two of my lovely friends doing their thing in Jamie's studio. Jamie is painting one of her love letters and Julie is taking amazing photos. Jamie can be found at booth 235 and Julie very kindly will be helping me out at my booth.