Blue ( with flu) Christmas

Dear Blob,

Oh deer! It's all been a bit blue and flu-ie over here for the last few weeks so things have been quiet on the old blog, or should I say blob? Even my mug by this clever lady has a sad! 

Not going to go into my sickness stories as it is just soooo boring so instead I am keeping this short and sweet. I do just have to share this deer deer that my littlest sister in-law made me for Christmas with you though. It also came with a lovely floral print and lace draw string bag that she cleverly made. I still haven't come up with a name for him yet but there have been some good suggestions on Instagram. Feel free to shoot me some there. 

I am much-much better now, looking forward to the new year and you know me. I will survive

<3 Tara

P.S He now has a name and it is George Michael. After this guy, of course.