Daisy and Bijou

Black cat plays with mouse toy

Dear Blob,

Our little family had a very special visitor the other weekend. Photographer extraordinaire Julie Larsen! Julie came to our home and snapped these gorgeous shots of our cats Daisy and Bijou. Aren't they something?  

Julie is a gifted photographer. Her work is beautiful and her ability to capture the cats unique beauty and personalities is admirable. Her gentle approach and obvious love for animals made for a lovely visit and I am sure Daisy and Bijou would welcome her back anytime.  We are so delighted with the outcome and it's a gift, really, to have these images, of these precious creatures that bring so much joy to our lives.   

Oh, and if you really want to look at a plethora of photos of Daisy and Bijou then visit their very own cat blog here, if you'd like. 

<3 Tara