Polaroid Party


Dear Blob,

Say cheese!

I think it is so important to play. Don't you? That is just what I did when I got my hot little hands on this Polaroid camera. It has been living in my in-laws basement for years and very kindly my MIL Shannon said I could give taking photos with this guy a whirl.  

One afternoon a while ago I went to my friend Samantha's  studio and we had fun playing around with the camera taking photos of some of the pretty things I love to make. Since neither of us had any Polaroid experience or any way of really knowing if the camera would even work it meant that there were no real expectations. We took a bunch of photos (a little tricky to do with crossed fingers) and they turned out pretty swell if you ask me. Some of them are just total blurry messes but that is ok. Maybe they can have another life in another way? Another opportunity for play.  

If I am honest one of my favourite parts is probably the big *flash* and whirring as the photo paper comes out. It is just so dramatic and a little scary! My second favourite part is peeking as slowly but surely the photo develops. F-U-N. 

I used The Impossible Project's film, it costs a pretty penny so unfortunately everyday can't be a Polaroid day. That is why when I do have film it is a Polaroid Party! 

Before I go you should probably check out this beauty of my little family.  

<3 Tara