Papergirl! Papergirl! Papergirl!


Dear Blob,

So you probably already know that I <3 Papergirl! Don't know what Papergirl is? Shame on you! Not really but just so you know Papergirl is a worldwide inclusive, non-commercial art project that welcomes artists of all ages and abilities to participate by donating their work. This work is exhibited and then rolled up and delivered by a team of cyclists in the style of the old school American paperboy to unsuspecting members of the public! What is not to love about that? 

I am a proud member of the team of volunteers who have put Papergirl Vancouver together this year and I am also a contributing artist. Up the top of this post you can see my merrily messy desk and the little works I created to donate to Papergirl. Basically this year I wanted to send whoever gets my work a big bright hug. I think that the works successfully say "lovey - huggy - friend times" but they are also little and quite delicate. The decision to create something that may fall apart was deliberate because as a recovering perfectionist the part of the project I find most confronting and rewarding is the act of letting go. Maybe someone will be offered one of my little "hugs" and love it. Maybe they will be like "Ewwww no thankyou!" and bin it. Maybe they will pass it on and complete the circle of gratitude. Who knows but it's ALL good.  

The opening reception at the Roundhouse was on Tuesday night and it is really hard for me to put into words how I feel about the whole thing. It was just really special. To see all it all come together with the donated works from all over the world proudly on display, to hear artists talk about their work and about what Papergirl means to them, to see complete strangers of all ages and backgrounds enjoying the work and connecting and chatting away was just amazing.

On Wednesday Michele and I had the extreme pleasure of talking all things Papergirl to Maegan Thomas on Citr's Arts Report. The interview is now in podcast form over here. Let me know what you think of my radio voice ;)

cyclist party.jpg

We also held a par-tay for all the wonderful cyclists who have volunteered to bike around and share art with Vancouver. It was such a blast! The AMS bike co-op from UBC came by to talk about safety and do bike tune ups and then it was time to get creative. We screen and block printed t shirts to be worn on the big ride out day and also made flags for the bikes at the Bike Bling station. Good times!

Speaking of good times there are plenty of Papergirls worldwide that you can contribute to or even start your own! I contributed to Papergirl Calgary and Sunshine did this sweet post about it here

<3 Tara

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