Cat lady pride, y'all!

Bijou doing a fancy dance prance on the windowsill behind my desk. 

Dear Blob,

So the Papergirl Vancouver Ride-out happened on Saturday! If you'd like to hear all about it check out the post I did on the Papergirl blog here. If you want to see the feelings I was feeling on the day this photo pretty much sums it up.

On Sunday the lovely and talented Julie visited!  She brought her camera and took photos of me and my kitties, Daisy and Bijou in my home studio. Julie has photographed my cats before and as always, we were all happy to see her. Feel free to have a good sticky beak at her photos of where I make my creations over on my about page

The photos I've chosen to share here are the ones featuring my pretty kitties so I thought why not also share some cat links today.

Eleanor Abernathy ain't crazy.

I got these kitty prints recently and I need to frame them. 

This lady is living the dream!  

I just really like these pins

Tonight's Draw by Night is Catnado themed! Yes please.

 <3 Tara


Ooooh a treat!