Hanging out at my house

Dear Blob, 

I decided to frame and hang up our art this week and I am so glad I did. It makes the walls in our home sing and for me that is well worth the expense and time. Miss Daisy definitely seems to agree! 

The major push was being gifted with art from Papergirl! As you know I have been volunteering with them this year and as an extra present and an icing on the cake type thing we were able to receive some of the art generously donated by artists this year. The amount of pieces we received based on the the number of hours we volunteered and we could only choose work from artists who donated multiple pieces. That way the artists still had their plenty of their work sent out into the world by bike Papergirl style. I am going to treasure these pieces foreverandeverandever.

Just above Daisy's rump is an illustration by America Blasco. As soon as I saw it I fell in love! I immediately jumped on her website and had a look around. I found that not only does she do amazing illustrative work but she also does photography, installation and video work. She doesn't have an online shop but does accept sales if you contact her through her website. 

I have been searching high and low for a good frame for this original artwork by Sara MorisonThis photo does not do it justice at all and I will post a picture when it is all nicely framed and on the wall. The piece is called "Careful not to drip your gelato on your shirt" and every time I look at it I go on a magical gelato land adventure in my mind. I actually met Sara when she was Artist in the Window at Bird on a Wire in July. It was so neat to hear her talk about her Papergirl experience as an artist. Through someone seeing her work in the exhibition she got commissioned to paint a '65 Gibson Melody Maker and posted a video of the process here.

This digital illustration by Chenoa Gao / Onedove is called "Punch Drunk Love" and it reminds me of the first time I met my husband Bill. I was pretty much just knocked out head over heels in love. First loves will do that to you I guess. I had the pleasure of talking to Chenoa as part of the Papergirl Artist Interview series and her interview is here. I think she must have caught the Papergirl bug because she joined us on the ride out too. 

I won a draw for this quirky yarn bombed stool by Olga O'Shea at the Papergirl wrap up meeting! I love it so much and so do Daisy and Bijou. They loved the flowers attached to it a little too much so I had to remove them and now they sit on it nicely like the civilized beasts they are. I find Olga's ideas about recycling, community and sharing so fascinating and I highly recommend you read her Papergirl interview. Olga has also been involved with several large-scale yarn bombing projects around the world including covering a plane in the Yukon

Going to go stare at my walls now. 

<3 Tara