Paper Caper! Adventures in Paper Crafting


Dear Blob,

This time last week my Trade School Vancouver "Paper Caper! Adventures in Paper Crafting" class was in full swing at The Network Hub. We took pages from old vintage books and turned them into something new and beautiful! We made envelopes, gift tags and fortune cookies. 

It was such fun and so exciting to share my love of paper crafting with such a warm and friendly group of awesome craft enthusiasts. Everyone made such awesome goodies! One of the participants made envelopes with secret notes inside that she put in unexpected places for people to find. My cat lady heart fell in love with this hilarious Disgruntled Cat envelope series. Only the very best participants got an apple stamp, of course this meant everyone because they were all such s00pa stars. The trades for teaching the class were awesome and it was like Christmas day opening them all up!   

I loved it and would L.O.V.E to do have more Paper Capers with the craft enthusiasts of Vancouver so watch this space 

<3 from, Tara

P.S The awesome Denise from Thrifty by Design blogged about the night here too. You must check out her website if you are into upcycling and thrifty crafting.  

These photos were taken by super duper participants Julie and Denise