New Card, Whaddaya Think?

Julie even took this lovely photo of her card for me. Best photographer evers. 

Dear Blob,

The official photographer of my cats Daisy and Bijou is Julie. She's taken their photographs a number of times and even made a couple of these gorgeous shots of them into Bill's (best ever) Christmas present. She also photographed my Make It booth and home studio. Basically she is amazing!

Julie did have one problem however. No business cards! This is where my mad skillz and I got to step in and these are the results. It was so much fun working with Julie and I also really enjoyed hand painting the floral wreath. I love the way it all turned out and think it looks pretty spiffy on both the brown Kraft paper and the crisp white of her website. 

If you find that handing out your business card goes a little something like this then please do get in touch with me.

<3 Tara

I am absolutely in love with this photograph of this lady and her rats. Oh and that kissy puppy is so precious too! 

Gouache! How I love painting with you.