Back to School

Wanna make cute envelopes, gift tags and fortune cookies with me?

Dear Blob,

It is the beginning of a new school year and all the youngsters are now back in school. Vancouver Trade School is ready for a new school year too. I first heard about Trade School through a link my friend Jessa shared and from there was basically hooked!

If you don't know what Trade School is then let me introduce you to a non-traditional learning community that runs on barter. It brings people together to learn, connect and share by using a barter system eliminates the barriers of money and exclusivity from education. Oh, and you can learn some crazy interesting stuff!  

Last year I joined in a number of classes as a pupil but this year I am excited to be teaching "Paper Caper! Adventures in Paper Crafting." The class description is full of exclamation points because I am so excited and goes a little something like this- Does the smell of old books make you woozy? Do you love getting crafty with others? Want to add extra fun and handmade finishing touches to your gifts or letters? Then let’s have a little Paper Caper together! We will take something old (vintage books which were likely to end up in landfill) and turn them into something new and beautiful! Like those cute little envelopes you see up there. You can register for the class here! It should be noted that the class got shared about an hour ago and is almost full so get in NOW. 

I find that the video about the Trade School movement below to be deeply inspiring and really sums up what Trade School is all about. 

<3 Tara