The leaves are speaking to us

Happy Thanksgiving Tara Galuska.jpg

Dear Blob,

Happy Thanksgiving! Ohhhhhhh the autumn leaves at the moment are just so beautiful.

I recently started working at the Craft Council of BC doing Social Media and Communications and I made these Happy Thanksgiving leaves this week for work. I am super chuffed with how they turned out so I thought I'd share them here too. 

If you'd like to DIY something similar you'll need some leaves, a cutting knife, cutting mat, possibly a pencil and definitely some patience. It helps to plan out the placement of the words or letters (reversed in pencil  on the back) but I kind of just winged it this time and that is why things aren't completely centered. Use your knife to cut out the letters or shapes and TA DA! 

I have so much to be thankful for! For example tomorrow I am going to a Waffle Party. There will only be the two of us but we are still calling it a Waffle Party. Life is good.

Love, Tara

Yay! I named this leaf after me. Meet Tara Jnr. 

Yay! I named this leaf after me. Meet Tara Jnr.