Ahoy hoy March!

Sorry blossoms Spring has been temporarily postponed

Sorry blossoms Spring has been temporarily postponed

Dear Blob,

Ahoy hoy to you lovely one! Somehow it is March and I don't quite know how that happened. What's even been happening? Life and stuffs I guess. There were some lovely words about my teacups and other locally made handmade goodness in the Georgia Straight. I've been doing some just for fun crafting, I also updated my Etsy Shop and in exciting personal news I got approved for Permanent Residency! I will be going out for rips like a true Canadian in no time. 

Lastly I am so excited that Papergirl Vancouver, is gearing towards its 4th consecutive year. I LOVE Papergirl Vancouver and I am really excited that we are recruiting for 2014 Volunteer team members. Papergirl is an inclusive, non-commercial art project that brings people together in celebration of art and community through the spirit of altruism. In this annual project, the work of artists of all ages and abilities are showcased at an annual exhibit, and the work is then distributed by a team of cyclists to the unsuspecting members of the Vancouver public. This simple act is an integral component in building a sense of community within Vancouver, all the while promoting the importance of the arts. If you would like to share your energy and and love for arts and community engagement then check out the roles we are recruiting for

<3 Tara

Mmmmm some succulent green tea.&nbsp;

Mmmmm some succulent green tea. 

I miss you Valentines Day. See you next year.&nbsp;

I miss you Valentines Day. See you next year.