Dear Blob,

The other night I couldn't sleep. So I decided to do a little Mountain Girl illustration. Since then I've done a snakes on parade illustration and an ice cream too. I am itching to do more! 

What have I been doing other than keeping odd hours? Well the Papergirl team had our 2014 kickoff meeting. Our team has doubled and I am so inspired by all the amazing volunteers I will be working with on this amazing project! I wish I could tell you about all the things we are working on but that is for another post. 

In other very important news Daisy and Bijou turned 3! Last year they were showered in gifts but were scared of all of them. This year they received a brand new (to them) cardboard box from Costco! It was a big hit. Phew! 

Love, Tara 

Sometimes mountains are made with twine, paper, wood veneer, ink and suede.

A most beautiful creature this girl and three years old too!

Box birthday present had Bijou's tick of approval within a minute or so.

Hope your day is just magical. Like a magical crystal!