Yummy Yummy Ice Cream DIY

To make your own Ice Cream Envelopes head on over the the Bird on a Wire Creations Blog for the DIY :)

Dear Blob,

Last week I created a little Ice Cream Printable Envelope DIY for the Bird on a Wire Creations blob ummm I mean blog. Pop on over there for the download and very simple instructions. May I recommend this song while you are making!

I have especially had ice cream on my mind after my fellow and I went to Portland for the first time the other weekend to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary. It was just wonderful and one of the highlights was visiting Salt & Straw multiple times. Yum yum yum. They have lots of different delicious flavours and one day I thought I would get a little adventurous and get a Bone Marrow and Smoked Bourbon Cherries Cone. I thought it would be more about the Cherry flavour but found it to be a little too meaty for me. Too adventurous! Incase you need to know I my fav was the Chocolate with Gooey Brownies and Bill loved the Double Fold Singing Dog Vanilla . 

I am curious, do you like meaty ice creams? Have you had any good ice cream adventures or misadventures lately? Do tell!

Love, Tara