Shhh it's a Pretty Secret!

Dear Blob,

Do you know of graphic designer and illustrator Coreena Lewis? You simply must check out her work if you like whimsical, quirky and colourful illustrations featuring girls, whales and lots and lots and lots of flowers. When Coreena isn't designing or illustrating she is self publishing projects under Pretty Secrets.

I am thrilled that I am one of the artists taking part in her upcoming book/zine The Portrait Project. It is a collaborative project featuring work from twenty artists from around the world. Using their unique style they are creating a self portrait and then a portrait of an artist they've never met before based on only a photo and a few facts. Pretty fab hey? 

Above you can see the tiniest sneak peek of the portrait I created of myself. It was a really wonderful challenge and creating a self portrait of myself was a bit on the tricky side. Not sure if this makes any sense to you but I think it's very hard to see yourself no? It was also a little intimidating to create a portrait of the other participating artist! She's super talented and from her questionnaire she sounded so lovely and interesting. I just hope she likes it.

Anyway enough about my insecurities I am really just soooooo curious to check out the finished result. It will be available in mid October. The perfect time to curl up with a good read and a cup of tea!

Love, Tara 

(Photo by Julie Nicole. Love Julie!)