Greens and Greys

plants and knitting table top tara galuska

Dear Blob,

It's a foggy grey day today and looking out the window now it's looking a little mysterious and magical out there! In here it's nice and warm, the cats are fast asleep in their tower and my fellow is killing all the bad guys in his video game. Thank heavens for headphones! 

Lately I've been knitting, organizing, watching Downton Abbey and I have also made some changes to help make real time and space to create my work. One of the biggest and most challenging changes has been to leave one of my old jobs and only keep the other. Yes at various points last year I was juggling two jobs as well as volunteering and somehow squeezing in friends, family and my own creative work at different points too. Crazy making. My creativity is a priority and not to be at the end of the list. Also being a busy bee like that really wasn't serving me. So lets see what happens now friends! 

Some somethings from around the internets I'd like to share with you-

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Did you know that 2015 is Craft Year here in Canada?

Love, Tara