Journal 2 // Sad Plants Hot and Cold

plants paper illustration tara galuska

Dear Blob,

Hello beautiful! Wow I am feeling very friendly today. I am just so excited to be talking to someone. I'm home alone for two weeks. I'm alone with my two crazy cats, my thoughts, my art, oh and more dead plants! Yes, heartbroken over the loss of this big old cactus guy. I spoke to my plants expert Julie and she said that a cactus who is happy as Larry* in the perfect conditions will die if you move it somewhere icy cold with no light. Huh, when you put it that way it makes sense! It's just at the time I thought it would look so good in that new spot! Oh well. Lesson learned and fortunately I don't kill ALL my plants. I did accidentally burn one with some incense... That's why they are called Hot & Cold Sad Plants this week. Sorry plants!

I am glad to be keeping up with the journal and also recently did the little page below when I took down the Christmas tree. I realized that I have pretty much been putting things that I felt sad about in there. Then I thought about it more and the sadness I felt over these things was not proportional to the events themselves and the sadness I actually felt. When looking at it a little more deeply I realized I was actually sad about other things when I created these. Sometimes it's just easier to pretend that I'm sad about one thing when actually it is something else that is harder to face. Like how arguments with your partner are hardly ever about what you're actually arguing about. Know what I mean?

I am mostly happy in life but I often avoid feeling sadness and...dun,dun,dun...anger. So it's nice to process some of these things right now I 'spose. Art therapy!

Love, Tara

* Julie didn't use the term "happy as Larry" she's Canadian. Click here if you want to know what it means. 

Silver Christmas Tree Illustration Tara Galuska