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THRIVE Mastermind Is Accepting Applications

Thrive Mastermind for female artists in Vancouver

Guess what? THRIVE Mastermind is accepting applications!

For those of you know don't know THRIVE Mastermind is made up of small groups of female artists that meet once a month in Vancouver for a year to develop their art practices. I am a member of one of the Mastermind groups and have been a mastermind member since the very beginning in July last year. I am also a member of the small team behind THRIVE and even though I've only been in my role there a short while it's a job that brings so much meaning to my life. I can't tell you how rewarding it to be part of something that is truly supporting female artists! 

You can read about my experiences here if you're curious. Hear from other Mastermind members here too if you'd like. 

Check it all out for yourself but I will say that THRIVE Mastermind is not for everyone. You need to be ready to make both a time and financial investment and to also step up for other artists in a real and genuine way. After you've considered everything the application is here and you'll get an invite to the information session once you're submitted it.

I like to be transparent about things so I just want to be clear I wasn't asked to write this post because I do work for THRIVE. It's just something I care about and I know some of you guys are artists like me who this might be a good fit for. Also it's a bit boring to write about myself all the time ;). 

Opus Art Supplies Came For A Visit

Opus Art Supplies came a for a visit and created this video that is an inside look into my home studio!  Watch as I cut, glue, and assemble one of my handmade paper artworks. I had such a fun time with Ryan from Opus that day! My cat Bijou totally fell in love with him and even leapt into his lap while he was interviewing me. 

I really appreciate this video and the fact that when I head into Opus they are always so friendly and ready to help me. I really feel like I am being treated as a friend and that is pretty unique and special. I get quite a few general art supplies there but some specifics that might be of interest to you guys are Lineco White Neutral PH Adhesive, Liquitex Professional Acrylic Inks and I also get custom mats for my tiny artworks there!

They didn't ask me to tell you how great they are or anything but I thought it was the perfect chance to shout out one of my fav businesses after they so generously took the time to make this video.

Hope you guys enjoy this behind the scenes look!

Thriving at THRIVE studio!

Thrive Studio Vancouver

Dear Blob,

For the last 3 days in a row I've gone into THRIVE studios and I thought it'd be great to share with you about this wonderful space and the fantastic woman behind it! 

THRIVE is a space for creativity and conversations that energize women to expand in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. The studio is located at 2414 Main Street and holds monthly events and workshops. I am a member of the Mastermind group and I am also hooked on the THRIVE talks series held monthly in the space. There are also other great ways to connect with your creativity and push yourself as an artist and business person there so check it out

Jamie Smith started THRIVE Studio to bring women together through creative projects to connect with one another. As an artist, Jamie learned very quickly that finding a community is essential to thriving as an artist. 

THRIVE only opened it's doors a few months ago but I have already received great advice and support as I grow! View the THRIVE website here, like them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

Love, Tara