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And the winner is..

Tiny Plant Cactus Artwork

Courtney Sato! 

What makes you feel wonderful? The answers you guys gave to this question in my giveaway really warmed my heart.

Congratulations to Courtney! She chose this fun little cactus artwork as her prize in my giveaway. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. I really enjoyed getting to know you all better!

I am so excited to have 20,000 people who want to connect to my work through Instagram and it was nice to do this giveaway as a way to say thanks. I want to reply to everyone who entered because your thoughts and the things you shared were just so cool. It's going to take a fair while but in the meantime THANK YOU. 


How fun is snapchat?! I love that it is totally in the moment and also that is truly weird. If you'd like to see behind the scenes looks at my work and what inspires me as well as two of the worlds cutest cats then please follow along!

Wanna follow me on snapchat? Easy.

  1. Just take out your phone with snapchat already downloaded
  2. Open snapchat
  3. Focus your screen on the little ghost up there in the image above
  4. Now hold your finger down on your screen right where the ghost is and...
  5. Bingo! You can follow me!

Didn't work? Just add me using my username taragaluska or you can add me here if you'd like!

Some other fun and interesting accounts I really like are jengotch, EVERLANE and emily_jeffords.