Display Of My Work At Collage Collage

Have you been to Collage Collage before? It's one of my VERY favourite spots.  For those of you who aren't familiar Collage Collage is a space that provides inspired, clever, contemporary arts experiences for all. I've already shared with you that I am hosting a workshop there next moth (two spots left) but did you know that I have a small exhibition of my works there at the moment too? Well I do!

Fun little story, when I went to drop off my works Erin G and Liz where both filling up jars of unicorn hair! Yup. They make so many unicorns there that they need to make sure they have a supply ready at all times. What a magical place :) 

You can view my works at Collage Collage 3697 Main St, Vancouver, Canada. They are also right next to another favourite spot of mine Liberty Bakery so why not visit both?