Opus Art Supplies Came For A Visit

Opus Art Supplies came a for a visit and created this video that is an inside look into my home studio!  Watch as I cut, glue, and assemble one of my handmade paper artworks. I had such a fun time with Ryan from Opus that day! My cat Bijou totally fell in love with him and even leapt into his lap while he was interviewing me. 

I really appreciate this video and the fact that when I head into Opus they are always so friendly and ready to help me. I really feel like I am being treated as a friend and that is pretty unique and special. I get quite a few general art supplies there but some specifics that might be of interest to you guys are Lineco White Neutral PH Adhesive, Liquitex Professional Acrylic Inks and I also get custom mats for my tiny artworks there!

They didn't ask me to tell you how great they are or anything but I thought it was the perfect chance to shout out one of my fav businesses after they so generously took the time to make this video.

Hope you guys enjoy this behind the scenes look!