Papergirl YVR

What is Papergirl YVR? A redefinition of street art combining Art, Philanthropy, and Bicycles. It's also an art and community project that is very close to my heart. Let me tell you a little more-Papergirl is an inclusive non-commercial art project that welcomes artists of all ages and abilities to participate by donating their work. Artwork received will become part of a non-juried exhibition. On the final day of the exhibition, the artwork will be taken down and bundled into rolls. It is distributed by a team of cyclists, in the style of the American Paperboy, to completely unsuspecting strangers! 

Papergirl YVR is excited to partner with the City of New Westminster's Art Services to present a series of workshops and an exhibition at Anvil Centre in Spring 2016. You can submit your artwork by May 10, 2016 to be a part of the exhibition. There are also two workshops (one of them is my moth workshop!) and a talk and details can be found on the Events page

I am one of the team members who is putting together this great project this year and have been involved in the project in one way or another in 2012, 2013 and 2014! I am so excited to be doing it again this year as a co-project manager! 

For me Papergirl is about community, connection and creativity! It's been a really special part of my life and I really hope you check out our beautiful project here and get involved!


You're Invited...

Great chance to view and purchase work by: Tara Galuska, Sunshine Frere, Genevieve Dionne, Jamie Smith, Wasted Effort, Rebecca Chaperon and Donna Giraud.

Great chance to view and purchase work by: Tara Galuska, Sunshine Frere, Genevieve Dionne, Jamie Smith, Wasted Effort, Rebecca Chaperon and Donna Giraud.

Dear Blob,

You're invited... to drop-in at Gene Studios for their last art sale and open studio of the year! To celebrate they have invited a few of their creative friends to sell/show their work in their studios: Wasted Efforts futuristic jewellery, the stunning ceramic work of Genevieve Dionne and my delicate paper art. 

Join us on Saturday 21st from 1-5pm at 2414 Main Street, Vancouver. 

Want more details or to view the work at all the creatives involved click here!

Love, Tara


Thriving at THRIVE studio!

Thrive Studio Vancouver

Dear Blob,

For the last 3 days in a row I've gone into THRIVE studios and I thought it'd be great to share with you about this wonderful space and the fantastic woman behind it! 

THRIVE is a space for creativity and conversations that energize women to expand in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. The studio is located at 2414 Main Street and holds monthly events and workshops. I am a member of the Mastermind group and I am also hooked on the THRIVE talks series held monthly in the space. There are also other great ways to connect with your creativity and push yourself as an artist and business person there so check it out

Jamie Smith started THRIVE Studio to bring women together through creative projects to connect with one another. As an artist, Jamie learned very quickly that finding a community is essential to thriving as an artist. 

THRIVE only opened it's doors a few months ago but I have already received great advice and support as I grow! View the THRIVE website here, like them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

Love, Tara