Brush Lettering

Florals And Flourishes - A Day Of Brush Lettering And Paper Art

I am excited to announce FLORALS & FLOURISHES, our collaborative series with Fox and Flourish! We will spend a lovely day creating "poetry with paper" as well as learning the basics of modern brush lettering.

During the paper art lesson, we will each create a beautiful paper floral artwork and cover:

— How to make clean precise cuts every time
— How to avoid making a big gluey mess when working with delicate paper pieces
— Tips and tricks for creating your own paper artworks

On the brush lettering end, we will guide you through the following modules:

— The Brush Pen: Anatomy + Angles
— Fundamental Brush Stroke Exercises
— Introductory Script Basics
— Brush + Gouache Experimentation
— Developing Individual Style

Everything you need for both lessons will be provided. No prior experience is necessary, and you can feel confident knowing that you will leave with the right skills to continue both your paper art and brush lettering practice!


Class fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to a different date. Space is very limited to keep instruction optimal + intimate in our small studio space.