Gift Giving Workshop

Dear Blob,

Does your holiday tree NEED a new handmade ornament? It does?! THRIVE Studio and I are here to help you make all your handmade swan ornament dreams come true just in time for the holidays. 

GIFT GIVING WORKSHOP- December 6th | $65

Come to THRIVE Studio to create a very special Christmas gift- A PAPER ORNAMENT!

Step into Tara Galuska’s world of paper art and get ready to do more cutting and pasting than in your whole kindergarten career! All supplies are provided (any other great things to add) and all you need to worry about is whether we will play All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

You’ll gracefully glide away from this workshop with the most stunning swan ornament to display on your tree. Not only will Santa will be impressed with your delicate detailed work but he’ll add you to his nice list for making your holidays truly handmade! 

Head over here to book your spot

Love, Tara

Blue ( with flu) Christmas

Dear Blob,

Oh deer! It's all been a bit blue and flu-ie over here for the last few weeks so things have been quiet on the old blog, or should I say blob? Even my mug by this clever lady has a sad! 

Not going to go into my sickness stories as it is just soooo boring so instead I am keeping this short and sweet. I do just have to share this deer deer that my littlest sister in-law made me for Christmas with you though. It also came with a lovely floral print and lace draw string bag that she cleverly made. I still haven't come up with a name for him yet but there have been some good suggestions on Instagram. Feel free to shoot me some there. 

I am much-much better now, looking forward to the new year and you know me. I will survive

<3 Tara

P.S He now has a name and it is George Michael. After this guy, of course.