Flower Crown

Flower Crowns And Fairies In New West

Dear Blob,

Have you ever seen a fairy in real life? I have a suspicion that my friend Eryne Donahue just may be one and this is the photographic evidence! 

A couple weeks ago when it was still so beautiful and warm out Eryne, Michele Mateus, Marla Rae Jenkins, Michelle Hodgson from Blossom and Vine Floral Co. and myself got together for a fun photoshoot in a parking lot in New West. It was a lot of fun!

Let me tell you a secret about that large flower you see there. It's made of crepe paper by moi. The other flowers were made into a crown by Michelle Hodgson and the photographs you see here were taken by Michele Mateus. It was such a fun way to spend a summers evening and Eryne was such a fantastic model! 

Have a magical day and enjoy some more of my favourite photos from the night below. 

Love, Tara