Studio Visits with Sarah Clement

Jim Park Vancouver Artist

I love interviews with artists and other creatives! That's one of the reasons I have my own Hello Wonderful interview series. Do you like great interviews and studio visits? Then head on over the Sarah Clement's Studio visits here! Below is Sarah's explanation on what the series is all about and if that doesn't speak to you then I don't know what to tell you. If you connect with it like I do check it out and stay tuned for her studio visits every two weeks!

So much of making art is not actually about sitting down and making the art, it’s about all of the stuff that you have to do beforehand to get to that point. There are so many mental hurdles to jump (often set up by yourself), not to mention societal pressures, financial worries and whole slew of other reasons why your pen might not actually touch the paper, and your creative dreams remain caught up in a cumulus cloud somewhere over Vancouver. What I’m interested in is the different rituals, strategies and support networks that makers have to get them to that place where they can actually create. How they let themselves have their heads in the clouds for a while, but they are able to pull themselves back down to the rich green landscape of action.

Where ideas are flowing through your veins, making your heart beat.

I believe in the importance of sharing and supporting each other in the creative community. That inspiration can be gained from seeing other people take their dreams and put them into reality, and that having some insight into this process is what can make it more real for you if you are sitting on the edge of fear, wondering if you should step into the unknown territory of the creative process. To borrow a line from my favourite podcast (Where’s There’s Smoke)... We are all in this together. Oh, and it also gives me an excuse to hang out and chat with some pretty amazing and inspiring people.
— Sarah Clement

You can read my Hello Wonderful interview with Sarah here if you'd like to get to know her better too!

Artist Studio visits with Sarah Clement in Vancouver