Paper Moths

Lepidoptera In The Woods

Dear Blob,

I don't even know what to write! Just-look-at-these-amazing-photos! This photo shoot has been in the plans for a little while and I am just so delighted by the results.

Photographer Julie Nicole and I wanted to do a moth photoshoot and thought that artist and illustrator Sarah Clement would be a fantastic portrait subject. I think that the fact Sarah also painted some of the paper used in these moths makes this whole project even more beautiful and special! 

On Saturday we headed into beautiful Stanley Park for the shoot and these photos are the result! Thanks so much to Julie for doing such an amazing job, Sarah for being a super star model and Emma Gardner for helping us out. We already have our next photoshoot planned and I can't wait! You can view all our photos here

Want to make your own moths with me? There are still some spots in this upcoming workshop!

Love, Tara

Moth Obsessed!

Look at these lovely moths made at my recent moth making workshop! Gorgeous!

Look at these lovely moths made at my recent moth making workshop! Gorgeous!

Dear Blob,

You may already know this if you follow me on Instagram but I have become completely obsessed with moths!

I even got to share my love of paper art and moths at a recent workshop. It was so much fun and even included an impromptu 90's hit music singalong! Check out the gorgeous one Diane made here! I am planning some more workshops in the future so if you want to know about them first sign up to my newsletter

This isn't the last you'll be hearing of moths in this space so stay tuned!

Flutteringly Yours, Tara