Phresh Photos

Did you notice all the new photos on my website? If you haven't seen them yet then go ahead and take a look around... I'll just wait here till you get back ;)

Now that you are back it's confession time- I've had this weird internal struggle when it came to photographing my work. It got so weird and icky feeling for me that it even led to a block that was starting to really hold my business back. Not fun! So I decided that I needed to find the right person to photograph my work. I knew I wanted someone who would have the perfect mix of photography skills but could also do flawless styling. Plus be reliable and fun to work with! I put it out into the universe and asked all my awesome arty creative pals for recommendations. 

It was on a visit to Christina Luo the founder of Fox & Flourish's studio late last year that the universe delivered! Christina showed me some new photographs of her work that had been styled and shot by Nicole Wong.  My entire face became the heart eyes emoji and I knew that I HAD to hire Nicole. This last weekend Nicole did a quick mini-shoot and some of my favs can be seen in this post here! I am so delighted and I hope you enjoy them too. 


A Dear Deer

One of the things I got up to with my sister on her recent visit from Australia was to do a fun photoshoot with photographer Julie Nicole!  This is the third photo shoot in this series of artistic collaborations I've been doing with Julie and I love it so much! The colours! YES! Thanks to Christie for being such a good sport and stomping around in the woods with us! 

You can view all the photos we've taken so far here.

Lepidoptera In The Woods

Dear Blob,

I don't even know what to write! Just-look-at-these-amazing-photos! This photo shoot has been in the plans for a little while and I am just so delighted by the results.

Photographer Julie Nicole and I wanted to do a moth photoshoot and thought that artist and illustrator Sarah Clement would be a fantastic portrait subject. I think that the fact Sarah also painted some of the paper used in these moths makes this whole project even more beautiful and special! 

On Saturday we headed into beautiful Stanley Park for the shoot and these photos are the result! Thanks so much to Julie for doing such an amazing job, Sarah for being a super star model and Emma Gardner for helping us out. We already have our next photoshoot planned and I can't wait! You can view all our photos here

Want to make your own moths with me? There are still some spots in this upcoming workshop!

Love, Tara