Adventures in Portland

Making Wishing Tree wishes at a Wishing Tree. (photo by  Julie )

Making Wishing Tree wishes at a Wishing Tree. (photo by Julie)

Dear Blob,

Recently I went to beautiful Portland with this gal pal to visit this gal pal. It was my second time visiting and it was so fun and lovely! Love Portland. The plan was pretty much to eat and then walk around until was time to eat again. I thought it might be fun to share a list of some of the places we visited. This way I can remember and maybe you might like some of these spots too!

Pok Pok Noi I almost regret not eating delicious Thai food there every day for every meal. Drooling thinking about those chicken wings. Chicken wings I miss you!

Pine State Biscuits Biscuits! Biscuits! Biscuits! I am getting excited just thinking about them.

Crafty Wonderland Full of local crafty goodness. I just had to take home a giant crochet pencil and a teeny tiny plush succulent.

Tender Loving Empire Record label and store featuring handmade loveliness. I saw Julianna Swaney's work in there and my eyes went heart eyes emoji.

Powells Books, books, books, books, books.

Maurice A delightful pastry luncheonette named after a bunny.  Yes.

Little Big Burger The burgers are both little and big and so yum.

So there were other places but I am writing this while very hungry. You may be able to tell?

Also loved Cafe Castagna, Petite Provence, Fly Awake Tea Garden and Slice for peach pizza. 

Going to go see what's in the fridge now-ingly yours, Tara