Hello Wonderful! An interview with the wonderful Adriana Bellet aka Jeez Vanilla!

Hello Wonderful! 

Today is Jeez Vanilla aka Adriana Bellet Day on the Hello Wonderful blog! Yayyy! I became familiar with Adriana's work through Instagram and after checking out her website and journal I thought it'd be great to ask her to be part of the Hello Wonderful series! If you are curious about the name Jeez Vanilla like I was, the name is inspired by the movie Juno. Enjoy getting to know Adriana below and you'll see why she's so inspiring and wonderful! 


Who are you, what do you do and where in the world are you?

My name is Adriana Bellet and I’m an illustrator and surface designer. I’m originally from Barcelona, but for the past 10 years I’ve called home London, Madrid and Berlin. Now it’s Stockholm where my butt (and studio) is. 

What do you believe in?

In perseverance, I guess. In the idea that if you set your mind and time to it, one can do pretty much anything. I know it’s a slightly naïve concept, but I often feel that as a striving/starving creative, it’s the only thought that keeps me going.

When do you feel your most wonderful?

On a sunny winter day, when everything is white outside and I sit surrounded by pens and brushes with a cup of coffee in hand. And it’s definitely after 10.30 am, I’m not a morning person by any stretch of imagination!



What is something wonderful that has happened that would have never have happened if you hadn't made a mistake or a wrong turn somewhere?

For a while I had a little ceramic label. I would draw simple designs on plates and cups, and suddenly they became quite popular. But I was not ready for it, I didn’t know a thing about running a business, so after a couple of years I was so burned out that I gave up. It took many months to be able to recognise the great learnings from the experience, but once the bitterness wore off, it was clear that it had been precisely the rough experience what gave me the strength to try it out as an illustrator. 

Illustration is what I had always loved but been too scared to pursue for fear of not being good enough and panic of rejection.  After having “failed” and survived in my first creative business  attempt the anxieties were lessened and put into perspective. The positive feedback that I had received then encouraged me to keep learning and developing, and I felt like the second time around at least I had the clues of how Not to run your business!

My illustration projects have been happily growing since then and I year ago I started Nothing Can Go Wrng, a pattern design studio with my friend Paula Maso. I feel like the healthy business relationship that we have wound not have been possible had I not made so many mistakes in my previous endeavours.

What is the earliest time in your life that you can remember experiencing wonder? When was the most recent time?

The earliest must be watching Bambi in the cinema. It was the first time I went to the movies and I still have etched in my memory the glow of the massive silver screen in the dark room. The biggest recent wondrous moment was last winter when with a few friends went to the north of Sweden to see the Northern Lights. The lights itself where fabulous, but it was during the short day time when I was awestruck with the beauty: everything around us was immaculate white and the sky an incredible gradient of baby blue and cotton candy pink. I never knew nature could produce such soft  beautiful tones! 

Who are three wonderful people you think we need to know about. Why are they wonderful? (include links if they apply)

Paula Maso

Aside from being a lovely person and my partner in crime when it comes to many creative exploits, she is the best pattern designer I know. She creates some photographic floral repeats that brighten even the dullest of days. 


Ok, here I cheated a tiny bit, Uinverso is actually two girls, Brazilian twin sisters Nadiuska and Priscila Furtado. They are designers, illustrators, artists and I pretty much pine after everything they make!

Mercedes Bellido

She’s a Spanish artist whose colourful illustrations I love. And she also has one of my favourite Instagram accounts

Thank you so much Adriana! You can view Adriana's website here and also find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Behance.  

Have a wonderful day!