Hello Wonderful! An Interview With The Wonderful Sunshine Frère!

A still from the video   Mnemosyne   video series

A still from the video Mnemosyne video series

Hello Wonderful! Today I am bringing you some extra sunshine to your day in the form of Sunshine Frére. Sunshine is an artist, writer and curator who knows that cats own this planet. I 100% agree. I am sure you'll enjoy Sunshine's interview below.

ALSO! You're invited... to drop-in at Gene Studios for the last art sale and open studio of the year! Sunshine has invited me to sell/show my work in her studio space there and I am really excited. Come say "Hi!" to both of us on Saturday 21st from 1-5pm at 2414 Main Street, Vancouver. Want more details or to view the work of all the creatives involved click here!


Who are you, what do you do and where in the world are you?

My name is Sunshine Frère and I am an artist, writer and curator. I live and work in Vancouver, but I have left bits of my heart in several other special places where I've lived.

I play with a variety of media: painting, drawing, silkscreen, photography, sculpture, sound, video and installation. Current areas of interest in my writing and art practice include: fragmentation, isolation, digital media cultures and the speed of the viral, nostalgia, colour, music and exploring the object-ness of objects.

What do you believe in?

The springtime in Vancouver, the autumn in Montreal and winter, well, I'd believe in winter if it can always be experienced on a tropical island.

Strange but true, time really does speed up as you grow older.

...and Cats, I believe in Cats. They own this planet, humans haven't figured this out yet. My fur-ball mate, Ziggy Monroe, hasn't explicitly told me this, but, I'm pretty sure it's been implied more than once as he purrs it out on my lap.

Ziggy Monroe 

Ziggy Monroe 

When do you feel your most wonderful?

When connections become clear and crisp. When the things that you are doing, the people you talk to and the life that you are living are all aligning into a new focus. When it feels like what you want to do and what you are actually doing, are exactly what you are meant to do.

What is something wonderful that has happened that would have never have happened if you hadn't made a mistake or a wrong turn somewhere?

I took a job that I really did not want to do when I was eighteen, I hated the job, it was not the right move for me. After a few months in the role I was given an opportunity to live and work abroad in Geneva for a year, which was an amazing experience, all thanks to someone I met from that job. Sometimes the moves we make don't make any sense at all, but they lead us in brilliant new directions. I think it is also equally important to recognize when it is time to make changes for yourself as well.

What is the earliest time in your life that you can remember experiencing wonder? When was the most recent time?

That is a tricky question for me. I have a difficult time remembering 'me' when I was little. I like to think it is because I don't dwell in the past and not that I have a terrible memory.

I also feel like I didn't have much of an imagination when I was little. If I remember correctly, I think I was more fascinated with the weirdness of reality than stories or make-belief. My brother and sister were a couple of years older, so I feel like I was eternally trying to act older than I was, and chasing whatever they were interested in. I can't actually remember an 'early' moment of wonder. I do remember when I was sixteen or so, reading a book that delved into a lot of esoteric theory and some philosophy. I remember being very inspired by the book and taking a long walk after I finished it. I distinctly recall feeling like I was floating. I guess that is the earliest memory of wonder.

A most recent moment of wonder? Yesterday. I took a walk in the morning on the seawall. It was misty and grey, but not miserable, magical! There were low clouds hovering over the mountains, but the view up until those clouds was crystal clear, the water was a magnificent blue-grey and the boats seemed so serene. It was lovely.

Aureate Orchestra   series - a new body of work that will become a large interactive installation

Aureate Orchestra series - a new body of work that will become a large interactive installation

Aureate Orchestra   series 

Who are three wonderful people you think we need to know about. Why are they wonderful?

Pennylane Shen – Penny is wonderful for a million reasons!
The ones that matter the most to me: She is constantly on the move (I am exhausted just thinking about her weekly schedule), she has ton really great projects that she is a part of like
Phantoms in the Front Yard and the VGH and UBC Foundation, she is also a teacher and mentor. Penny is hilarious and a force to be reckoned with. The most recently discovered wonderful thing about Penny, Halloween is her holiday, for the reals! She expertly hosted a fabulous Pumpkin Carving Contest Party the other day, it came complete with rootbeer cupcakes, a cauliflower brain snack platter, gummy worms, and a unique assortment of festive skull goblets. She has also assisted in co-hosting a killer Hallows Eve party with another friend.

Lenka Clayton – Disclaimer, I don't actually know Lenka. BUT... I know she must be, most definitely, wonderful. I discovered her art practice online through a video project that she did, which led me to her website. At this point, I was smitten on her work. This is one of those times where you click through all of an artists projects and are like, damn, that is so smart, I wish I thought of that, it is absolutely brilliant! She has a quirky sense of humour and her practice is thoughtful, empathetic, and disarming. Clayton elevates the daily mundane elements of life, turning them into powerful and thoughtful instances of significance. The small, minor and miniscule are all worth exploring. She makes great work. I'd like to meet her one day.

Roselina Hung – Roselina is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Her soft spoken demeanour coupled with the most infectious, yet quiet, giggly laugh, make her an intriguing character. She and I originally bonded over the fact that we both did our Masters in the UK, but once we got to know each other, there was so much more for us to talk about. She addresses many interesting ideas in her practice, there are some common threads that also run through mine. It is great to have someone to chat with about art and ideas. Her carefully considered and thoughtful insight into life and art something to cherish. Perhaps most wonderful of all, Roselina's paintings and drawings are absolutely captivating. She plays with patterns, fabrics, symbolism, zodiacs and so much more. Each new series takes you on an exciting adventure. I am a huge fan of her Pretty Boys Kill Me (Phantasmagoria), her Of Myth and Men and her The Way We Were series. Once you discover her work, you will be following her forever! 

Thank you so much Sunshine! You can view Sunshine's website here and follow her on Instagram here

Have a wonderful day!

Gosling Eyes , the feature image representing   Hyperreality   series 

Gosling Eyes, the feature image representing Hyperreality series 

Hyperreality   series

Hyperreality series