Hello Wonderful! An Interview With The Wonderful Sarah DeBoice!

Mail Art Sarah DeBoice

Hello Wonderful! Are you into Feminism? Glitter? Snail mail? All of the above? Then you're going to love today's Official Wonderful Person Sarah DeBoice! I really love the pretty pink world Sarah shares online and wanted to get to know her a little better so was thrilled when she agreed to be part of this interview series! 

Sarah DeBoice

Who are you, what do you do and where in the world are you?

My name is Sarah, I’m a blogger among other things from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. It’s a pretty small place which sometimes annoys me but can also be really comforting. Snail mail/mail art is one of my many passions; I love sending and receiving little bundles of beautiful paper to/from people all over the world. I’m also into retro fashion and run a small Etsy shop called star seed vintage.  

What do you believe in?

Kindness, feminism, fate. 

When do you feel your most wonderful?

When I’m making people laugh, listening to really good music, spending time with animals, and/or working on a project that’s coming together the way I want it to.

What is something wonderful that has happened that would have never have happened if you hadn't made a mistake or a wrong turn somewhere?

I moved away to go to school for a year when I was still pretty young, and shortly after my dad died. The experience turned out to be none of the things I’d hoped it would be, and my mental health suffered during this time. A few of my classes and one professor in particular were what inspired me to get through it, and ultimately led to pursuing an honors degree in Women’s & Gender Studies. Leaving my hometown also helped me appreciate it more. 

What is the earliest time in your life that you can remember experiencing wonder? When was the most recent time?

I remember my mind being blown as a kid when it dawned on me that my parents and all of the adults I knew had once been my age. I used to wonder what they had been like and what I’d be doing when I was as old as them. These days being in an airplane and seeing the world from above never fails to totally amaze me, as does being near the ocean.

mail art Sarah DeBoice

Who are three wonderful people you think we need to know about? 

Caitlin Shearer is a beautiful lady (inside and out) who makes wonderful, wearable art. 

Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land is one of my favorite bloggers and an amazing baker. She also writes super honest and moving accounts of being a breast cancer survivor.   

My granny, Faye, who is 94 years old and one of my closest friends. We have the same sense of humor and crack each other up a lot.


Thank you so much Sarah! You can view Sarah's website here and find her on Instagram, and Pinterest. Shop her great vintage finds here

Have a wonderful day!