Meanie Cat submissions

When she was tiny my little sister Christie would scrunch up her face, ball up her fists and sing -

Meanie cat, meanie cat
Sitting on a door mat
— Christie Bennett


- to anyone she felt was being rude, offensive, unkind or mean. It was basically the ultimate insult to be called a meanie cat and really put you in your place! 

Nowadays when I think of my struggles with Meanie Cats I am thinking of the meanie cats in my head, the meanie cats in my past or the meanie cats I may cross paths with in the future!

In this current body of work I am sharing about my own Meanie Cats experiences but also inviting others to share their own by submitting to the form below.

Read about Meanie Cats here or hear me speak about them and my thoughts on compassion here

Meanie cat's can be real people from your past or your present. They also may be in your head. For example your inner critic is a meanie cat for sure!
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